Wednesday, September 26, 2012

If you want to learn to lie and cheat, go to Con School.

So what's your game plan Jimmy and friends? Apart from destroying Malaysian chess it doesn't make any sense to me. Let me elaborate.

Now if you are going to say, take over Fide, maybe as Secretary General, it may make some sense. Then you can possibly infiltrate the Fide arbiters course and teach your methods of using swiss manager. You could package it as the Jimmy and friends method of getting your own GM in 30 days. Options include how to use "unrated" players as targeted missiles to knock out another player or to prop up one of your own, how to fix pairings to fake results, how to arrange suspect games and get fat numbers with PR opportunities. Full course includes 30 plus years of secrets on how to sabotage, lie and back stab outside the board so they do not even get to the table. Banning secrets without getting caught etc etc etc.

Is that your goal? Then you can make money world wide. Deep. I would not agree with you but I can appreciate that at least you have a long term strategy and ultimately we will even get our own GM at a discount since this is our own exported product.

But if that is not your plan then you are merely destroying our players. You give them no real way forward. As far as I can see, chess is played as a game Internationally where you learn to express your skills and knowledge creatively while following the rules.

And if your plan is really to take over Fide and export the Jimmy and friends method and culture, why don't you just say so from the outset? You see you are confusing many parents and players. Many still think they are sending their child to learn how to think creatively under pressure and within the rules etc.

Start your promotions now and advertise appropriately. Or the children may inadvertently learn to become gangsters and conmen and end up in jail. All the little dirty tricks to bring into the big wide world with rules. And they won't have your protection like they do in chess.

You are entrusted with some of the most gifted and talented children Malaysia has. So say clearly what you are about.

Or else allow those that want to develop chess the right way the space to do it without sabotage. So that our players have a chance to succeed in the International arena.

Or else leave chess and start your own Con School and teach as advertised.

But since you guys think you are the majority, I am sure you will be able to take over Fide as planned for you allow no other way to that GM in Malaysia. Or otherwise you may even be perceived as tainting your Fide titles. But you have no such worries. You are well supported in both MCF and Fide. You are the majority. Am I right? Make the whole world in your image.

Good luck in your new product launch after you have secured the take over of Fide. Well done guys.

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