Wednesday, September 5, 2012

IM Goh's evaluation of Mok's GM chances as well as Zhuo Ren's IM chances.

Ref: Here.

Apparently it also depends on the overall team performance. Did our technical people and team Captain factor these considerations into their decision making before going? Actually was there any thinking at all before going? Did anyone know that Mok is capable of a GM run or that Zhuo Ren may have a chance at one IM norm? Are the 2 Captains a very deep strategy to confuse our opponents there or the readers at home? Is the "Captain" there to get his IO title or to guide the team? Or to get his Captain/IO title?


  1. Do you know that the analysis is done by IM Junior Tay and not IM Goh Wei Ming? It says so in the title. IM Junior Tay is just using IM Goh's blog because singaporechessnews was shut down.

  2. My apologies to IM Junior Tay. Was focused on content. Will be more vigilant next time. Thank you for pointing that out to me, Manfred.