Sunday, September 2, 2012

The link between myths, superstition and science.

Is there a link at all? Isn't science the polar opposite of myths and superstition? Lets examine closer. Actually they all have the same source of origin.

All 3 observe the same phenomena.

But myths and superstition takes the more convenient answers. The one that goes with their preferred dogmas, the ones that gives them the most comfort or the ones that needs the least amount of thinking.

Science is rigorous. It accepts no cheap answers. It forms assumptions, build theories and tests it again and again in as many scenarios as possible. Until it is proven.

But again I say, all 3 have the same origins. The ability to observe and discern a phenomena existing in reality. It's just that the methods, explanations and answers differ.

In Malaysian chess we have a few people that cannot see any realities. They cannot see that attacking the training program for the juniors does not help Malaysia. They cannot see that breaking the spirit of our juniors is not a good thing. They cannot even see when selection has actually been withdrawn and its now the back door policy again.

So lets make a distinction here. Lets call those that hold to myths, superstition and those that practice science as above the line. And those that cannot see anything, that live in a totally delusional world as below the line.

Now lets assume we start a debate among them. I submit that there is always the possibility of coming to an agreement with those above the line with sufficient evidence and engagement. And I also submit that trying to convince those below the line is impossible. They have left reality. They cannot see anything.

The top group still exists within reality and the group below the line has left reality altogether. They live in a world of imagined fears. For a deeper investigation, read this. Here.

Unfortunately for us. A few people from below the line has entered chess and taken control positions. And they are trying hard to remold the thinking sport into their image.

I submit that without being able to face reality, our GM won't come.

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