Monday, September 17, 2012

Parents and the venus fly trap- P3

Ref: Here and here.

There seems to be some confusion as to the role of MCF so let me try to use a recent example to illustrate what the role should be. We saw the recent entry of Malindo Airlines which was officiated by our PM recently. And Air Asia welcomed the entry of its latest competitor into the market. From here you can see that the role of Government is to govern and the role of competitors is to compete by giving the best service it can give. Market forces determine who will thrive and who will not.

And that is also the true role of MCF. To govern, to look into development of Malaysian chess. But what is it today?

For that lets go back to the first training of our Juniors before International Tournament. Notwithstanding that FGM is a parents initiative using our own contacts to parcel this, FGM is a legally registered Chess Academy. As such it is reasonable expectation that we are allowed to bring our ideas to the chess community without hindrance.

But at the offset, we found the initiative sabotaged with MCF calling the parents not to go to Asean. Then we found that we are double charged by the supplier, Najib, with support from MCF. And then we found that Jimmy is working overtime starting out blog after blog to discredit the training despite all attempts to clarify. And again with tacit support from MCF. In fact we can now see that their destructive actions are well rewarded.

We again saw the collusion when FGM trained the juniors for SEA games. Wasn't there also collusion from people inside MCF? If not then how can Sumant be left out of the Malaysian team at the merdeka event 2011?

From here we can see that they do not want the players trained. So what does MCF really want?

To understand this better we have to look closer at FGM's action. We were in fact heavily subsidising the parents with our initiatives. We were even talking about finding funding for players could not afford to pay the high fees for National representation but were talented players.

I submit that this is not what these people want. Jimmy wants his free trips. Najib wants easy money through unethical means. And Greg? I submit that he wants his cut as we found out from how the money from Asian Amateur banked into MCF was siphoned out etc.

And the venus fly trap? They only want players who's parents can afford all the tolls levied on them. And if you refuse to pay unreasonable tolls? They "ban" you. Isn't it very obvious now?

Note: At the Asean training we did provide the flights for both the parents and officials for free. But that was not enough for the officials is it? Greed.

Is that not a reasonable conclusion gathered not from one event but a whole series of events starting from the culture at State level. Can we also say that if the head is rotten, the tail will also exhibit the same rot?

They are not interested in developing chess. It is only for their self interests. And new parents are the easy victims.

Conclusion and more revelations tomorrow.

Happy Malaysia Day.


  1. Mr Raymaond kata "And Greg? I submit that he wants his cut as we found out from how the money from Asian Amateur banked into MCF was siphoned out etc" - boleh ke kes ini dibawa ke sprm atau ocm, kalau boleh, siapa yang patut buat aduan. hehehe

  2. I think the sponsor who's money was misused has a case. But I think we should try to improve our system of governance instead of trying to put anyone behind bars. If you think about it, as long as the Secretary is not paid for all the work he does, this will happen. So in finality I do not blame Greg now, I blame the system. So we should correct that first. But if the Secretary is paid and this still happens then I would support firmer action.

  3. but pada pendapat saya sama saje kalau kita bayar gaji kepada secretary mcf dia jenis yg suka boros dan kos kehidupan dia tinggi.dia tetap akan gunakan pengaruh dia untuk dapat projek catur seperti akademi dan kejohanan catur.sama sajeee.jadi ada system pun xguna. hehehe

  4. We don't know the future. People can change. Try salary first. If still corruption then further action. I think that is fair.