Friday, September 21, 2012

It's about the forest, not the trees.

First off, I would like to thank Jimmy for sharing so openly with us. From his latest tirade we get to see inside his thinking and his world. Remember I said that those who are in a lot of pain cannot see the pain they inflict on others? So what can we infer from Jimmy's site?

God complex. He still thinks that it's about him. He has the right to determine who represents Malaysia and who doesn't. He has the right to say who can be a coach and who can't. He has the right to not allow players from a chess academy he doesn't like to play in a fair competition and who can attend their training and who cannot.

Of course he does not acknowledge selection even though we can see he cannot even play good chess anymore. Of course he cannot see the pain he has caused to others. Players and Parents. To him it's all about him.

So lets remind ourselves what this is all about. It's about a level playing field. It's about our players being able to go to any coach they want without being attacked. It's about the best players having the chance to win in healthy competition and not be left on the back burner while weak players take their place via the back door.

It's about the coming AGM in MCF where we have the chance to make a change.

Look carefully at the world that Jimmy exists in. That was the environment where Jimmy and his friends were lords and masters. There was no written selection before 2010. So it's a new thing and FGM fought hard to bring in the changes. Selection. Look up the history. No written selection for juniors or seniors. During those times it doesn't matter how well you do. It was all up to the deal makers. That was of course during Hamid's time.

When Greg came in we helped him to bring in the changes you now see. So yes FGM has a stake in this. But slowly we are seeing the reversals. What Jimmy and cronies want is to go back to the good old days. And that was what destroyed Malaysian chess. Weak players built up by PR and fattened numbers. Players who cannot compete on the world stage because they cannot even win in Malaysia in clean competition.

Jimmy would like us to go to his gutter level and make it about hate. That is his world. In the world we want we will not allow our juniors to be publicly attacked the way Jimmy wants just because their decisions and wins are not endorsed by him. His is a black and white world of win at all cost no matter who he tramples in his path or how many lies he has to tell. We want a chess culture where we can nurture our juniors till they are strong enough to weather their own storms. We correct them when they make mistakes. We guide them till they are strong oaks in their own right.

So we have to decide. Do we want to live in Jimmy's world where the whole world is reduced to his narrow interpretation of chess or do we want to see a bigger world with more parameters and variables.

Parents, players and decent officials, you need to make up your minds. Do you want Jimmy and his kind to define you or do you want to make your own decisions. If your child is good he moves forward, if you are the stronger player you move forward. Or will you allow Jimmy to decide for you. Who you can train with or you will be attacked. Not only you. Child, parent or player, it makes no difference to him. The only thing he wants is that you submit to his decisions.

I have made my decision. I will decide how to bring up my own kid. I will defend any player who freely chooses to train with FGM. They can freely come or go if they want. I respect their choices.

So Jiimmy, no matter how you twist and turn you cannot change the fact that the Olympiad team is fraudulent. But I will not go to your gutter level to debate this with you anymore. I will continue to lobby for change and a new team for MCF so we can move forward and not back to those days of utter failure.

I do not want to see any of our Juniors growing up to be another Jimmy Liew who grows weaker and weaker by the year but still deludes himself into thinking he is a Ferrari. I want to see our players growing and growing till one day we too have our own GMs. I want to see Malaysians among the world beaters. And your way only takes us into your nightmare world of failure after failure.

We want to move away from your culture of self sabotage to a culture of building.

So it's not about you Jimmy although I know you want to personalize this. You are not significant enough. You are merely the spokesperson for the other failures. It is the culture of failing that you want to force on us that we are against.

But thank you for your time and cooperation all the same. It has been very instructive.

Go and visit Jimmy's site to see what I mean. Here. Is that the culture we want to place our players in?


  1. dulu org ni call malam2 call tuduh saya dgn bahasa kurang ajar dan biadap saya sengaja sabotaj melaka event. sedangkan melaka event hadiah berpuluh ribu,hadiah tourney yg saya kena buat di kl hanya xsampai hadiah jumlah wang tunai rm800.kena maki hamun org nii saya balas sebab cakap dan anggap kita nii seperti binatang. malam tuu juga saya hantar msg kepada penasihat mcf tuan haji ibrahim dan hamid dan org kurang ajar itu kalau dia cuba call mana2 penaja saya dan buat bising,saya akan terus jumpa ketua menteri melaka buat aduan.

    skrg org kurang ajar nii cucuk2 penganjur lain kata saya nii perangai buruk suka main perempuan laa, saya salah guna kuasa masa pegang jawatan di PCMMlaa,dan macam2 fitnah dan kata2 nak malukan saya dan cubaan malukan saya supaya penganjur lain jgn kerjasama dgn saya. oiii gregory jgn cari pasal dgn saya,tak tahu cerita sebenar jgn fitnah2 saya. saya dah maklumkan kepada penasihat mcf iaitu tuan haji ibrahim, encik hamid dan en zuhri untuk saya siapkan aduan nak serahkan kepada sprm,cos dan mcf sendiri. kes salah guna dana masa asian amateur yang hilang gitu saje pun saya akan buat aduan dan apa2 kes salah guna duit dan salah guna kuasa kamu buat. Inilahh setiausaha mcf yang semua persatuan catur negeri lantik.

    kita dah bawa nak dekat 100 ribu projek aktiviti catur tahun nii, patut terima kasih kepada kita apa yg kita buat dan bukan nak jaga kroni dan perut sendiri. tunggu laah nanti tindakan undang2 saya terhadap kamu nanti

  2. I understand your problem. FGM also faced the same issues. That is why I am focused on changing the MCF team first as top priority. With the current team, there is no way for any organiser or trainer or coach to progress unless you kowtow to them. If you just do your own business and succeed, you will face this problems. Your event will be attacked, your players banned. Anyway how can you show your training method works if there is no selection? So this is a big problem for any independent organiser, trainer or coach. Best of luck.