Monday, September 24, 2012

It's about finding the right questions

For the proper resolution of any problem we first have to find and then ask the right questions. And then it's about finding the courage to take the right action. We see this in chess. When you ask the wrong questions and make the wrong move, the opponent is smiling.

Lets use this analogy to understand what Jimmy's site is all about.

It's about moving you away from seeing the right question and making the right moves. That is why he uses intimidation and diversionary tactics.

So how do we know when we have asked the right questions? Answer: When Jimmy and his supporters jump up and down.

Note: Remember we are just using his site since he is the main spokesperson for this type of tactics. Apart from that he has no significance. Remove Jimmy from his ability to determine the senior squad without selection and he will disappear from the chess scene. He has no personal substance.

So what is the question that irks him the most? Mental strength, mind coaching.... the winning mindset. He cannot abide this question, his supporters cannot abide this question. When this question is asked, we will begin to see through all the cleverly created illusions to prevent Malaysian chess from progressing.

You see, once this question is asked, then the follow on questions then must be, who is making all these weak decisions?

Then questions like, hey how can these people who are so so so afraid of selection in fair competition then want to represent the Country in competitive chess? How did they get so twisted into thinking they can compete when they are afraid of competition? How do they rationalise and justify away this very glaring anomaly?

Then finally we will ask questions like how can we toughen up our minds.

So they cannot allow this question. It opens too many doors and leave them totally exposed for the frauds that they are. Are you seeing the struggle in Malaysian chess today better now?

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