Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What all this is about?

Ref: Here.

It's about a proper written criteria for selection so there is no back door for anyone. Why does this idea frighten those few people? This is about fraudulent selection and putting an end to it.

This means that the many new chess academies and trainers coming into the system has a level playing field with their players having equal chances to fight for honours. This means that parents and their child can invest in chess knowing that if their child is good, they can progress. This means that sponsors will be sponsoring the best possible player or team because the selection is clean.

It's simple. People will invest when they know there is a chance to succeed. Who in their right mind will invest time or money when they know that it is all fixed?

This is also about not damaging players brought in via the back door without competition but by designed fat numbers and PR campaigns. By collusion within MCF and the arbiters to facilitate this. This is about corruption. The corruption is finally manifested in the player in this manner. A kup chai thinks it's a Ferrari. It is not based on reality so they bomb at tough tournaments. Back doors do that over time.

It's about the selfishness of a few that causes tremendous strife and conflict within the chess community.

It is not about you personally Jimmy which is why I do not bring your family into this. You are not important in this context. It's about what you represent.

Don't hide behind the achievements of the strong players. How did you and your PR product do to deserve the back door?

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