Thursday, September 20, 2012

Where is the lie Jimmy Liew?

Ref: Here.

You keep making assertions that I am lying about you but you have not been able to say where the lie is. I on the other hand document incident after incident where I show you are a liar and you have not denied a single one of my accusations. Why insult the intelligence of your readers, the few of them, by using simple emotional manipulation? Are they not chess players? Have you ever wondered why most of them use pseudonyms or remain anonymous? Apart from your few known cronies of course. And apart from my assertion that many of those unknown comments are written by you.

Could it be that they are actually ashamed of their association with you? Those that can still feel shame of course.

Are you saying that you did not spawn blog after blog attacking the training for Asean 2010 with lies thereby causing a lot of hardship to many parents and players in the subsequent years?

Are you saying you did not ill advice Zhuo Ren in writing that email posted on your blog?

Are you saying that you did not connive to reject Sumant by leaving him out of the Malaysian Team at Merdeka 2011 after he won his place at SEA games selection? Is he not the first junior to make the senior squad via proper selection and not by your good graces? Is that not why you punished him? Did FGM not contribute to his success?

So many many many lies Jimmy. And did you for one moment consider the pain that you have caused all these people?

Yes, I know you are in pain now Jimmy. But that is the pain coming from the truth. Like I have said before, stop all the lies and the truth will not be written about you. What makes you think for one moment that the pain from the truth you are now feeling is greater than all the pain your lies have caused to so many other people in the chess community? Getting it now Jimmy?

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