Sunday, September 30, 2012

On false report cards.

Actually what is a report card supposed to do? Isn't it supposed to give you a balanced appraisal of where you are at the moment? Your strength and weakness. What you need to do to improve?

This is what I have been saying since my time at PICA in 2009. It's getting to be like a stuck tape. What I have been saying is that if you want good things to be written about you then do something good. It really is that simple. So good things were written about the coming in of written selection. We saw very visible signs of tremendous renewed interest in chess from that time. And the energy released by that one act is still palpable to this day.

But in every other aspect all we find is the same old reaction to genuine concerns. When we raise issues like funds being misplaced in MCF, when we talk about banning without grounds, when we raise concerns about match fixing; not a single thing is done to fix it.

The only response is that they try to "buy" over the person bringing up the issues but never correcting the issue itself. Or else they try to "bury" if they cannot buy. We have been doing this for so long now. The response is never to improve or to correct our weakness. It's always to white wash away the problem. Have you seen a single correction of the issues that have stopped Malaysian chess from improving?

And even written selection is being reversed now.

So what is so wrong about writing false report cards? If this happens over a long enough time time, don't we start to believe the lies? Can it reach the state where a kup chai with bald tires and the engine about to drop off continue to think that it's a Ferrari?

Think about it. What is the report card supposed to do?

Ref: Here. I was asked to comment privately by a friend. I said the buying method works on those who cannot survive on their own. For independents their dignity cannot be bought so cheaply. I still think Fadli will do the right thing.

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