Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Parents and the venus fly trap- Conclusion.

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So why indeed are they so afraid of new parents talking to me? Think about it. I talk about suspect tournaments and match fixing. I even show how the tournaments can be audited. Ref: Here. If they want egg on my face, all they have to do is perform a proper audit and prove me wrong. And everyone will know that I talk rubbish. Simple but they don't dare do it?

But if I am right, the implications are enormous. That will mean that your child may not be able to get to the top by fair competition. That will mean that you are actually forced to use certain "trainers" that have the in road to fixing matches. That will also mean you fall into this trap. Here.

They will match fix only under very specific circumstances. And I submit that this will happen only when all their interests are satisfied. The MCF official, the PR man and the arbiters. A very expensive affair. And nothing to do with chess. Seeing it now?

So why does FGM scare them so? Look at what we have done so far. It's an initiative by parents to save parents money eg Asean training. Our method of using facilitated peer training also saves money. You can learn from us in one lesson what some trainers will use 20 lessons to teach. We brought one player from Perak all the way to National level and we brought a junior into the senior squad via selection. Actually FGM was also instrumental in bringing in the first written selection for both the juniors and the seniors at the National level etc etc.

Now do you understand why they don't want you to talk to me? Look at their judgement and knowledge of chess and players. Peter did not even know he had a Champion in Roshan for NC2012. He supported Jimmy's evaluation that Li Tian is the best junior. Jimmy did not even know that Zhuo Ren could make FM and accomplish one IM norm. They cannot even see what is in front of their faces and yet they want to play God and collude to arrange the back doors.

I said to them, if you think you are that good then prove it on the board. And their response is to try to ban and intimidate my players. And funnily they even tried to do the same to me. See, no judgement. Only gangster methods. Do you still think they have any credibility left? You decide. Be set up for failure or to be given a fighting chance to succeed.

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