Monday, September 17, 2012

Malaysian Idol.

If you cannot sing, you cannot sing. You can't blame the judges. It doesn't matter how you dress yourself up.

If you cannot play chess at a high level then you cannot play chess at a high level. So it doesn't matter how fat you arrange your numbers to be; it doesn't matter how many suspect games you play as a PR exercise. When you get up on the big stage it will all show. So why not do it the proper way. Think about it, you are actually taking away the place of someone who deserves it more than you. Someone who has paid the price; done the training and have the gifting and knowledge. Is that not selfishness? The big stage belongs to the Country and is not your private reserve. Don't you feel any shame?

If you are a Ferrari, you are a Ferrari. When you move, all of us will see a Ferrari. But you cannot be a kup chai with a broken exhaust that makes a lot of noise and shout and intimidate people into seeing you as a Ferrari.

You can't hide in chess. Your thinking is shown on the board. Go through proper selection. Just be the best that you can be. Don't try to stop people who are better than you by trying for the back door. That is a shameful act.

Why do you keep harming yourself this way?

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