Thursday, June 27, 2013

What we would like to see in the new MCF.

The AGM for all intents and purposes is over. The new Council of MCF has been tacitly accepted by the vast majority of the chess community. So what is the problem today?

The new Council need to recognise that they are there because of the deep displeasure within the chess community with the way things were run in the previous Council. This was very apparent from the voting during the AGM.

In the past all sorts of abuses ran unchecked and Malaysian chess was in deep decline as we have now seen so clearly from the Malaysian Masters. So we would like to see the new MCF take positive action to turn things around. In the past legitimate grievances were left unheard and problems allowed to fester till the rot set in.

I keep hearing that Peter is causing a lot of problems within MCF and the other Council members don't know how to deal with him. This is the type of indecisiveness that have kept us stagnant for so many years. Energy fretted away talking about taking action but nothing gets done. Energy misspent on trying to silence the voices that try to surface the problems so that it can be solved.

So get the issues solved. I feel some of the current issues can be solved if someone just takes the lead and sit down with the people with the problems. Just talk sincerely and without threats. Try it.

And get rid of the source of the problems within MCF. You just can't allow one man to attack everyone and try to stop any progress and private initiatives in KL and not expect more and more protests. That is not possible. And it will get much worse when he now tries to do that on a National scale.

I did try to tell you, didn't I, before the AGM? Go back and read again what I said during the run up. Did it not turn out as I said it would?

So get it right MCF. Do your job of governing the chess community in a fair, just and transparent way. That is all. And we will see Malaysian chess soar. We have the talent, we have the resources. So let us just end the bad practices and move on. Can you do it? Well you were elected in to do just that job.

We have seen in Aron Teh what 2 years of a proper training program instead of PR campaigns and back doors can do. We can see what a healthy competitive environment instead of trying to ban players stronger than the ones you can produce can do. We can see how 2 years of doing things properly trumps 30 plus years of rubbish. So we know the way. Now all we need now is the resolve to get there. So just get it done MCF.

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