Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How did Aron Teh get so strong in such a short time?

Aron was only a 1900 plus in May, just before National Close. And he is a 2100 now and has just beaten Mas. So how did he get so strong?

I recall a conversation with Aron's mum during National Junior 2011. She described Aron's training in China to me and I wrote about it here. And it sounded very much like the Thematics FGM was trying to organise in Malaysia. However the Thematics did not take off in Malaysia. Instead it was attacked. Instead it was sabotaged. I still remember talking with some of the people who are in MCF today. I tried to explain the merits of the training tournaments that the Thematics can bring to our players. But they said I didn't know what I was talking about.

And now Peter wants to move against the Malaysian Chess Festival. So what are these guys doing in MCF? How can MCF be used to sabotage Malaysian chess instead of building it by supporting private initiatives. That is the very big question before us today.

I have been talking myself hoarse for the past 3 years. Somebody said that I am trying to teach MCF how to suck sweets. Jimmy Liew and Peter Long is the God of Malaysian chess and I know nothing.

So where is Jimmy Liew now at the Malaysian Masters? Where was he at the recent Asian Continental? Ref: Here.

Why is it that Peter is afraid to play chess anymore? Will he dare to take up the challenge that FGM threw at him at the Malaysian chess Festival? Ref: Here.

If they knew how to suck sweets then wouldn't we be getting better results? If they know how to suck sweets then I wouldn't need to write this blog for the last 3 years. Isn't what I have been saying happening right before your eyes now?

Not only they don't build, they destroy anything others try to build. And they do not know how to suck sweets do they? I wrote about Aron Teh's training after NJ2011. I tried to implement that. I tried to train our Juniors with a GM. This is what the trainer of the strongest Junior in the Philippines today said about my methods. Please see comments here.

But Jimmy is Asia's best, a Ferrari and Peter says only he knows about chess. Are they not the biggest joke?
The other question is why were we so easily duped? So do we not deserve the MCF we have? Ref: Here.

Big big big question. What do you think would have happened to Aron Teh if he had been in Malaysia and got influenced by Jimmy or Peter? Do you know of any player that was promoted by these two in Malaysia? What happened? This is a serious question.

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