Tuesday, June 11, 2013

If Peter is right then support him.

I am hearing chatter that there is opposition to the exclusion of Mok from the coming Olympiads. We need to move away from personalities and focus on issues if we are to progress. Peter and Jimmy were wrong to promote Li Tian the way they did. By taking away the rightful and legitimate places of the other players as announced in the selection criteria for the last Olympiad.

But the new selection criteria is out and presumably thoroughly debated within MCF and accepted by us all. So if Mok chose not to participate in the selection then Mok should be out. I know there is intense dislike for both Peter and Jimmy for what they did and how they tried to fool us. But when Peter is right should we not support him on this one issue?

Isn't that the way to progress? Look, if Peter is shot down because of this then what? Do we return to the back doors again? Personally I don't think Peter is the right man for MCF but this is not the way. Do things for the right motive. The motive should be for the progress of Malaysian chess and not personal vendettas.

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