Monday, June 10, 2013

Are our girls mentally tougher than our boys? If so why?

Ref: Here.

I still think about this from time to time. What did our girls show us that day? And why can't the boys do the same? I think there are many possible answers to this question but for today I will focus on the role of politics in our chess.

There isn't much politics in the girl's chess but we see so much in the boy's chess. In the boy's chess we find the number manufacturers, the PR boys and the thugs. Selection is via those processes. And so we have senior players who are not mentally strong or have been severely damaged.

Look here again. Here. Li Tian cannot now go to Asean because he will be exposed. How can you go around beating Super GM's and GM's and then lose at Asean when there isn't even a GM there? Will he not then become an International laughing stock? Now that he has played at our NC and sees where he truly stand in chess, will he not be at least a little confused? What damage has been done to him? And who did this to him? Don't they know that you cannot hide in chess anymore like those days? Go and play at NJ Li Tian, put this behind you and win it the proper way. And stay away from Jimmy and Peter.

We need to remove their poisonous influence from the boy's chess or they will never become MEN. Wake up MCF and put a stop to this. Stop those guys from making Malaysian chess an International laughing stock. We have strong players here so use them and develop the rest. Can you help us to put an end to this cartoon show?

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