Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A commentary on the final result of the Malaysian Masters and sucking sweets.

Ref: Here.

First off I would like to say that it was in very bad taste to put up the final ranking assuming that Aron had lost while the game was still in play.

And so we see a previously 1900 in May becoming second in the Malaysian Masters. What does this say about how he is trained in China versus how our players are training? Ref: Here. When we first met Aron in 2011 he was around 1800.

What does this also tell us about the ratings of some of our senior players? What is the rating of the bottom player? The one that keeps knocking our Juniors as they struggled to fight in the new chess world and saying that they are all washed out.

And finally what does it say of our selection criteria? Can you now see that there were much more deserving players that should have been there instead of Jimmy? Ref: Here.

Now I would like to present you with a question. How is it that a non chess player like myself can see all this years ago when the so called "experts" were not able to see it? Did I not say that some of our IM's ratings were not genuine? Did I not say that Li Tian was not the strongest Junior? Did I not try to reason it out here logically? Even if I don't play the game myself, what they were saying just didn't make sense.

Am I smarter than them then? No, I don't think so. I think it is simply because I do not have a hidden agenda. And so I can say things as I see it.

So we need MCF to carefully examine how we are setting our direction. MCF may also need to recognise the very real possibility that they do not know how to suck sweets after all. This is the problem. Here. Please deal with it. You wanted the national office. You wanted the posts. So now you have the authority and the responsibility. Stop shifting the blame and get your act together. But first of all please remove Peter from office. He was appointed. Un-appoint him

Let him go back into private business, as an organiser or as a trainer it doesn't matter. The market will deal with him. But first remove his poison from MCF. Also please look into KLCA. Is it really a State Association? You are MCF with the authority and responsibility to right the wrongs. All the rest of us can do is to try and highlight the problems to you. So don't just keep trying to shoot the messenger. Learn how to suck sweets.

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