Wednesday, June 19, 2013

FGM requests Peter Long to play at Malaysian Chess Festival in the Open Standard Chess category.

Ref: Here.

Dear Peter,

I see you keep using your supposed ability to play strong chess as a way of shooting down everybody else in the chess community. But so far all we have seen is your inability to train up strong Juniors and the very dubious chess selection criteria for the senior Team. Ref: Here.

The big question is do you really even know how to play high level chess today?

You have lost a lot of credibility with almost the entire chess community. Even the events you organise seem to be shrinking year after year and is of no real benefit to Malaysian chess as a whole. Usually I would just say you deserve what you get but since you are in MCF, I think I need to speak up again. You see, your loss of credibility directly affects the credibility of MCF too. So you are a source of problems to MCF which serves the entire chess community.

I think you owe it to MCF to play at the Malaysian Chess Festival to show us all that you are indeed a strong player that still understands the current competitive environment in world chess. Then you may be more believable in all your funny assertions.

We have already seen what happens to an IM who is afraid to compete anymore and tries to hide behind young boys to attack others. Maybe you are just the same. There is room for that suspicion you think?

Mark and I will also keep you company at the Malaysian Chess Festival at the Standard event so you will at least have one "easy" point. Jimmy has tried a few times but he has not been able to reach the level to play with us yet. I am sure you will fare better. Ask Jimmy to come along too. The more the merrier yes Peter?

See you there Peter. If you don't turn up, may I suggest you stop talking like you know anything about real chess to people who are still in the game and quit MCF. Go somewhere you can do no more harm to Malaysian chess.

Thank you for entertaining my request Peter. I am sure you will be able to see the reasonableness of this request under the current circumstances and in view of your post in the above link.

All my best and good luck at the event.

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