Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Asean- My thots going into R7.

Ref: Here.

As I look at the results, I can't help but wonder if we are thinking through our participation in overseas tournaments enough. Can we hope to do well if we don't go better prepared? Is there not something we can learn from how the other National Associations prepare and select? Is it possible that if we cut out the dramas of National representation by PR campaigns and who talks the most delusional like "I am a Ferrari", I am Asia's best etc etc, we may find more energy to focus on the work that needs to be done.

I have always felt that the older Juniors should not be abandoned but further supported in regional tournaments. Why you may ask? A simple reason. They have spent many many years going through what the younger Juniors are doing now. And so they have a level of expertise that those Juniors will need. And this expertise can be passed on simply because they still play in tournaments.

But we have continually lost them by either neglect or sabotage. (Take your pick of answers. Both works.) And so their pool of knowledge disappears and then we start again. What is really needed is their further development isn't it? The seniors don't play locally often but they want to represent the Country. They already have a system to stay in the game without having to compete in Open competition.

Note: The new selection criteria for the senior team is a small start but I feel it is not enough to turn things around. Everyone else is moving forward much much faster. Ref: Here.

I am fairly sure it won't take more than 5 minutes of thinking followed by determined action for MCF to change all this if they so choose to make Malaysia a chess power house again. But it will take time to undo the damage wrought by those few. Why not start now? Why not work for the day when we will be cheering our Malaysian players fighting on the top boards again?

Is that just an empty dream on my part? A silly wish? Or do those guys out there really have something we just don't have?

I think it is our system. And systems can be corrected. I think it is because of a lack of good leadership. What do you think? Are our players lacking in talent? Lacking in fighting spirit?

Or are they just lacking in proper support and leadership? Which is it? We need to break out of the old way of thinking. It does not work and has not worked in 30 plus years.

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