Monday, June 24, 2013

Aron Teh beats Mas

It's on facebook but I don't have the details. (Details added later. See link below.)

Surely now questions must be asked about how we are training our players? Surely questions must now be asked about how we are selecting our players? Surely we are not going to sleep another 30 years and continue to allow selection by PR campaigns and back doors by people with vested interests? How long more will we allow the rot to continue? How long more are we going to allow these people to sabotage our players by taking away competition and putting in banning without grounds?

Peter, please do Malaysian chess a big big favour and resign from MCF. Pray tell us again what has Fide Rating in Malaysia got to do with fighting spirit when it is not earned in Open Tournaments? Ref: Here. What is the results here telling us?

What more can I say? Care to come to the Malaysian Chess Festival and play in the Open standard category to try and save whatever shred of credibility you have left? If any? Ref: Here.

Why is it that any player start to fail the moment they become associated with you? Have you thought about that Peter?

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