Thursday, June 13, 2013

Asean- My thots after the final round.

2 golds from the U12 Open and a few more medals from the lower age group boys and girls I believe. I think we are all very familiar with the stories by now. We have strong Juniors at the lower age groups. This is what I wrote about Li Tian in 2010. Here.

But what happens to them when they grow older? I have been saying for years now that we must close off the back doors and stop the PR campaigns that facilitate the cop out from competition. We need the boys to follow the girl's example. Here.

That is the only way for them to build their fighting spirit till they are finally ready for that GM run. We want our boys to become MEN. And not to become like Jimmy or Peter. We need them to stop looking for the short cuts.

That is the way we are going to get our GM and/or WGM. Iron sharpen iron.

In your opinion, do you think Li Tian may have been damaged by their methods? Is he the same boy today that he was in 2010? Do we want this to happen to all subsequent generation of younger Juniors too?

What we need to do is to stop the dramas and then find ways and means to nurture our young fighting talent.

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