Friday, June 28, 2013

An interesting article that may hold some meaning for us.

Ref: Here.

I am wondering if this article may hold some meaning for us. For instance, how did Peter get all that power without the authority of the full Council? He is just one man with the wrong portfolio. All authority comes from the full Council. It does not rest with any one individual. So the Council can spell out what he can or cannot do. They can say that the post of "Fide delegate", if there is even such a thing is only to answer emails from Fide, to keep the Council informed and that is all. That the technical Chair just gives technical input for the best tie breaks for any particular type of tournament and that is all.

So is it really Peter's fault after all? Ok, maybe a lot. But the big question is why is the whole Council powerless to prevent him usurping all the power and authority?

Do think about this MCF. I did try to explain this to a Council member. I tried to also explain why Peter cannot block anyone who wants to register their chess clubs in KL. It's all in the rules of COS including the appeal procedure.

And he told me not to teach MCF how to suck sweets. Then why ask me? Or is it possible that you guys need to learn how to suck sweets?

Or maybe you are just too afraid to take responsibility and looking for a scapegoat?

Just wondering out loud.

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