Wednesday, June 26, 2013

There is only one real problem in MCF, just ONE.

Ref: Here.

Lets take this example for instance. Here. Lets look at the faulty selection criteria, lets look at the back doors. Lets look at why the training by a GM was attacked. Lets look at why the Thematics was sabotaged.

As I said, I have been hearing a lot of stories recently about what is going on in MCF. Let me tell you some of it here. There is complaint that KLCA/Peter is trying to block the formation of chess clubs in the KL area.  There is complaint that that new rules about national rating is being used to control private organisers unfairly.

Go back and think about all the complaints in the past about MCF. The PR campaigns to select National players etc etc.

There is only one cause isn't there? Just one. MCF/State Associations is supposed to govern. To promote the sport as WELL as to provide a conducive and fair environment for all within the chess community. And that also includes the PRIVATE ORGANISERS.

So what is that one problem? Isn't it the root cause that trainers, organisers etc, have gone into the Associations to use their power to curb competition? And if you look deeper, which type of trainers and organisers? Are they not the ones that cannot do well in open competition and on a level playing field?

Look back. All our major problems come from this one area. They cannot train and so they need the PR campaigns, the "fixed" tournaments. They need to prop up weak players to lend themselves some semblance of legitimacy. They need to attack strong organisers so that their weak events is not shown up as failures.

All we need to do to progress is to stop these weak people from using the power vested in MCF to attack their competitors. If they want to succeed too then they must also learn how to train the correct way, how to organise events that gets support. They must not allowed to ban/sabotage those that are doing the heavy lifting, doing it the right way.

Think about it. How can it be that people with no ideas on how to improve be given the power to stop all good initiatives? Isn't that why we have not only stalled but moving backwards?

Actually, as I have explained to a MCF Council member, all the rules have been laid out by COS. You can even rewrite the Constitution to put in better guidelines subject to COS approval. No single member of the Council has more power then what is given by the full Council.

So we know the problem don't we?

The big big big quesion is why are the Council members not using the rule book to bring those errant people in line? Why need an EGM as is now being discussed? Even the President only has casting vote. I have even contended that elected Council Members have more authority then appointed one. The authority of elected members come from the States. Appointed ones are only functionary to serve a job on behalf of the elected Council and have only powers circumscribed by the Council.

The solution in my mind is simple. It is all there in the rule book, the Constitution. The possible complication that may arise is just because the people that want other people removed so that they now become in charge instead of the other. But that will also not be rule based if the rule book is not used right? Isn't that why none of the rules have been used? Examine yourselves and your real intent (niat) carefully my friends.

Are you really for the development of Malaysian Chess or do you really just want to be the next Peter Long? Are you afraid to use the rule book because once the rules are established then nobody can ever be Peter Long again?

Is that why you got angry with me when I told you this?

Thank you for your time in discussing this topic with me.

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