Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Some comments on Peter's comments.

Ref: Here.

Hi Peter,

I wonder if Tiviakov or Jimmy is older? I also wonder why is it that you seem totally incapable of an honest comment? Isn't Jimmy just another victim of too many back doors for National representation? Isn't it also true that both him and you are just totally out of touch with today's chess?

Both you and Jimmy slammed all our Juniors recently while promoting Li Tian and now you just talk like nothing happened. So what do you guys really know about chess? Stop making excuses Peter and start doing things the proper way. So are you going to turn up at the Malaysian Chess Festival in the Standard Open category or are you still going to hide behind other people and young boys and girls?

Who did you actually train Peter? Just because a few of our young players have mistakenly gone under you or were influenced by you for a short spell does not mean that you brought them up. Those are 2 very different things.

You are so good at putting others down Peter. So Man up and show us that you can still play chess and know what you are talking about. Ref: Here. Play at the Malaysian Chess Festival. Whatever you say, at least Jimmy went back to the table. What is your saving grace? Or are you just too fear ridden?

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