Monday, June 3, 2013

Congratulations to our winners of National Close.

Ref: Here.

To the boys.

Congratulations to Aron Teh for slugging it out with Jianwen even though the endgame was drawn to become the undisputed Champion and National Master in the toughest National Close that I have seen and maybe ever in Malaysian history. And a big thank you from the Malaysian chess community for demonstrating to many of us again that fighting spirit trumps technical knowledge.

Congratulations to Yit San for showing your detractors that you are undisputably the strongest boys Junior for the year 2013.

And congratulations to Jianwen and Syazwan for making the playoff for 3rd place. Syazwan, prepare well and fight hard to win that place on the National squad that was taken away from you at the last Olympiad. Show them that you deserve that place by right of result on the table and not by PR campaigns. Good luck to the both of you. May the best mental fighter win.

To the girls.

A big congratulations to Harimau Nabila, Singa Najiha and Puteri. Powerful display of fighting spirit. And for the rest in the playoff for 4th place, good luck and may the force be with you.

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