Thursday, June 20, 2013

We get the MCF we deserve.

Someone argued on facebook that it is the fault of the State Associations for electing certain officials into MCF. On the surface this may seem to make sense. To attempt to see if there is a deeper underlying issue let me recount a conversation I had with an MCF Council member. He told me that the players themselves need to do something to change things in MCF. This is what he said. There is a system of chess clubs who then become members of the State Associations under COS. So it is the chess clubs who elect the State officials and the State officials who elect the National officials into MCF.

So do you see how it all works?

Actually it all comes down to the players themselves. So they need to understand the issues. What must be done to take Malaysia to the next level and what won't. And then they need to organise themselves into chess clubs and elect in good officials in the State Associations. And then those good officials elect in a strong and powerful MCF.

Don't you think it is funny that this was explained to me by an MCF Council member? Why do you think he did that? Could it be that he is out numbered in MCF and so he cannot change things?

Without understanding the issues you may elect in the wrong officials. And without organising into chess clubs you have no voice.

Ultimately it is very easy to point fingers and blame someone else so it is easier to believe the lies than to take personal responsibility.

For instance, many of us have been fighting for a clean and fair selection process. No back doors for anybody. But Peter can turn this into about "some parents" that want special favours for their child. Ref: Here. There is no one that I know that have asked for that. So he tries to make it seem that it is the parents fault and then pretends to be for the betterment of Malaysian chess himself. But who is it really that have conducted the PR campaigns for national selection? Who is facilitating the back doors? Who comes up with distorted selection criteria for the senior team? Who has been doing the banning without grounds?

It is very easy to see through his lies but very few dare to call him on it. Why? Could it be because that deep down inside we know that he is there because of us? Because we all did nothing except point fingers at one another. And then he slipped in through the back door.

I propose that if the players really want change then follow the COS process. Understand the issues, form your own chess clubs and apply for membership with your State Association. Then elect in good officials that can represent you at the next MCF AGM.

Wouldn't that be a better way instead of us only complaining all the time? Could this be the time for solid action? For change, now? What do you think?

Is that the way for us to get the MCF we deserve? Do we deserve better? Lets look at ourselves first. Lets ask ourselves that question first. If we are deserving of a better MCF or NOT.

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