Saturday, January 26, 2013

Only a pawn in their game.

Jimmy and Peter's response to my last post is a timely reminder of the problems we have before us. Here.

Please note that it is a very toxic site but I think that if we cannot see past their modus operandi then we may be in stall for another 30 years of oblivion. So brace yourself while reading their response before we try to carefully dissect what is happening here.

Now I have always maintained that I wish Li Tian well. Does this still hold true after my last post? Let us try to see this clearly. In my posting below did I say that Li Tian fixed the games? Have I not always said that it is his adult handlers that I am suspicious of? And have I not mentioned in the past that parents can be intimidated to do very strange things in Malaysian chess?

So I do not think that Li Tian fixed his games. If anything the suspicion must lie with his handlers. Now why would I say so? What evidence do I have? No solid evidence right? As I have also said before, solid evidence can only be gotten with the authority of Fide or MCF. Solid evidence needs to be presented at the AGM of MCF like the accounts for instance.

But we do have loads of circumstantial evidence. Now apart from the suspect games, can we say that the people who think they can represent Malaysia through a fraudulent selection may have little compunction about fixing matches? Can we say that the people who influenced Zhuo Ren into writing that nasty email, the people who attacked Sumant after he won his selection for SEA games may have the mind set to also fix games?

I have suggested in one of my past postings that it is possible for a deal to be made behind closed doors between players or in this case maybe on behalf of the player without even his knowledge. All of these things have been speculated for sometime now. There were even allegations that they were fixing the pairings during the last Datmo when Li Tian met Mok on the last round. And I have even written about it and suggested ways that an audit can be done.

All of these things have been brought up but the authorities have yet to act. And when they do act it is to try and intimidate the innocent people like they have done to Megat for example.

I also can't understand Peter's allegations that I have affected Li Tian's game in the Zonals. My blog is not on the Malaysian chess portal and only my readers come here to see my opinions on current matters. Also in all the time I have been with the players during tournaments we have never had the time to look at blogs as we have been too busy preparing or resting.

So how would Li Tian know about it unless Peter told him? And besides, shouldn't Peter have clarified to Li Tian that he has nothing to worry about in case he misunderstood by explaining that it is "Uncle Peter" that I am suspicious of. How not to suspect a trainer who bans without grounds players better than the ones he can produce? It seems to be consistent with his nature?

Honestly I have not seen any real concern that both Jimmy and Peter have shown for anyone outside of themselves and their desperate attempts to cling to relevance, power and influence.

Funnily enough this case could be upset down. Don't they know how much anger and resentment is now directed towards Li Tian because of the way they have done things? If you recall, I had defended Li Tian over the sponsorship to China amidst much rancour. I know how volatile things are and how much anger is just below the surface. People are so angry that I am even attacked when I congratulated MCF on a good calender. Here.

Think about it. One of the big problems we need to contain is this misdirected anger. Why do you think I said this? Here.

Actually it is them that are putting Li Tian in the firing line and in possible harms way. But in their selfish ambitions they cannot even see that. Look at how they treat everyone else. Don't you have enough examples? Now why would you think Li Tian is any different to them. He is only a pawn in their game.

Is it clearer now?

And they use the type of attack that you see on Jimmy's blog so very very few people would dare to question them openly. So it's a ticking time bomb. And we are seeing the same tactics applied in the fight going into AGM. I hear new stories almost everyday and if even half of it is true then this could also be an election gimmick. But those stories are for later. And the pawn they are willing to sacrifice are the players. If I read the game correctly, ultimately both Peter and Jimmy would be sacrificed too. As far as I am concerned I believe they will both deserve it. But Li Tian is just another innocent.

So yes there is suspicion of match fixing. And it looks to me that Peter may be involved. It is my hope that Fide will look into this since even the Secretary is of the opinion that the games are suspicious in his reply email to me.

In conclusion let me say this very clearly. I would like to see Li Tian play in a clean and fair selection with clear criteria and celebrate any wins he has without the suspicion of fixed games and without back door entries. For that to remain unresolved will sully the reputation of Malaysian chess. This is very important to defuse the growing anger within the Malaysian chess community.

If he is as strong as they claim then he will not need those crutches and will be able to prove it on the table. The same goes for every other chess player in Malaysia. This is also for the personal dignity of all our players.

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