Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Is the PR campaign backfiring? Lets look at it this way.

Lets try this as a thinking exercise.

Lets assume that both Fide and MCF has done an open and proper investigation and have found all our concerns unfounded. We can all heave a sigh of relief and the questions of whether our kids are being given a fair shake or not is finally abated.

Now if the above does happen then we will find ourselves in this scenario. We can now ask this question.

We all saw Li Tian's amazing run last year. Beating GM's and IM's like they have gone out of fashion. Then we can also say that he must have wacked Mok at Datmo and Jimmy was almost invisible there as he was so far down I lost count. And Li Tian even outstripped Mas at Penang Open. That is quite an achievement for such a young boy.

And so the thinking then goes like this. But he was beaten by Roshan, Eng Chiam and Syazwan at NC 2012. Their wins must must have been so convincing that even the buletin was not allowed to come out. Now does this not beg the question that most of the senior team (ie Mok and Jimmy) must now be considered defunct? Doesn't it follow that we should be looking at a brand new senior team given Li Tian's results and that our past practice of giving the IM's here free entry or partially free for that one time for SEA games 2011, to representing Malaysia should now be scrapped?

Seriously, we need new blood or we will disappear off the face of the chess world. I was looking for Eng Chiams's name for NAG but I could not find it. He is still 17 plus and so still eligible. Could it be that we have totally demotivated him from playing? Could it be that we have lost him because of a PR campaign? We need to think deeply on this if we still want to say we want our own GM. How can it be achieved if we knock out our own strong players in favour of suspect games and a PR campaign?

So these are the questions. Are they reasonable? Don't you think that MCF should at least clear the air?

And if it is a PR campaign, then at the very least it shows Jimmy and Peter needs to be removed from the senior team permanently for the simple reason that this must be one of the stupidest PR campaign in history. 

But how are we to know which is which unless Fide and/or MCF investigates? I don't think we can call for a royal enquiry to get the evidence for this can we?

Please note: The above is just an exercise in imagination but the request for investigation is genuine so we can know for sure.

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