Friday, January 11, 2013

How do we build a strong MCF- Part 5- The method.

Please read this again. This is important. Here.

Sometimes I wonder if what we really like is just to complain. Maybe the developed culture is to whisper in corners after so many years of frustration and failure. And if we don't have that then we won't know what to do with our time at tournaments.

I have said many times that the Secretary is just the Secretary. He has no special powers. He only has those funny powers because we have been unable or cannot be bothered to limit his authority in the main committee. Well, we still have the AGM don't we?

Now why do a few of you still think that we will get selection etc if we ask him nicely? He has been winning big time. He knows all the power is with you but he is playing you like a fiddle and laughing all the way to the bank. So what made you think he is going to give away his big win just because you don't know the rules and cannot put up your hands to call for the arbiter. If you do not put up your hand in the tournament when the rules have been broken then they tell you that you are not very smart and deserve to lose, do they not? So how is this any different?

So what is the method to effect change if we can stop hitting out at ghosts and decide to focus our energies?

Write out and prepare your resolutions to be passed at the AGM. The AGM is the highest decision making body in MCF. All you need is a proposal that is seconded by another State Affiliate and the issue must be discussed and called to a vote. And if passed by the majority then the resolution is adopted and it is binding on the committee. 

This is such a big topic that I am going to dwell on this. So lets look at a few examples. No, let us look at many examples.

I hear that there is a State Association who's subscription to MCF is not being accepted because the reason given is that the matter must be referred to COS. So what is the problem? Get that down in writing and then write to COS yourself. That is pure rubbish. This is not within COS jurisdiction. They just don't want you at the AGM because they know you have a few difficult questions they don't want to answer. Get that recorded in COS just for later. You will see why at the end of this series. They cannot stop you from going to the AGM can they? Why? You have at least 2 other State Affiliate who can put in a motion (resolution) to have this issue as the first order of discussion. The AGM can decide to overrule the committee and put you back in. That is the power of the AGM. It is the highest decision making body in MCF. So why worry? But do go along with the subscription. It can be accepted there and then by instruction from the delegates.

I hear that there is confusion in another State because they are told that there are two Associations registered with COS. I don't think that is true but you can check can't you? Write in to COS to clarify. Why rely on this man's word. I think he is just playing with you because he is afraid that you may not vote his way. It looks like just another Jimmy type U12 psycho trick to me but what is the harm in checking with COS and putting it on their record?

If you are worried about back door selection, then get a resolution passed that says something like the top 10 from National Close must be eligible for selection for SEA games, for the Olympiad. The AGM has that power. The AGM can set the criteria. The committee is bound by that decision.

If you want more Fide tournaments in Malaysia, then put in a resolution. Do you know you can even instruct the committee to discuss with the organisers of KL Open to have an Open Tournament on top of the U16 and Invitational? Why? Because you are MCF. You the State Affiliates collectively are the boss. KL Open cannot get their event Fide rated without playing ball with you. Why let them have events that do not benefit Malaysia? You, at the AGM have the power to decide.

In fact, if you want you can even put in a resolution to call into question the legitimacy of KLCA as an affiliate. You can even do that if you feel that KL needs the support of a genuine Association. Can you see how vast your powers are? You can define what State Affiliates should do. Eg. Age Group, State Championships etc. Make him work for KL. Why give him a free ride and then talk rubbish? You can instruct the committee to discipline him if he tries his banning nonsense again. Show him we do not condone his anti-Nationalistic and bullying ways.

So why do we need to run around like a chicken without a head and worry needlessly? At the last count the Associations that want change outnumber the Associations that want status quo. And I think after this post even more will start to understand that they do not need to kow tow to those people anymore. Why accept their scraps when they are the boss and can direct.

There is also no need to worry about that funny disciplinary letter to Megat. I am told that it's just about insubordination, not attending meetings etc. This is just to intimidate him in case he talks. You can question it at the AGM and censure the person issuing the letter if you feel that is not correct. More on this later.

Are you getting the drift now? I have said a lot this week. So I am going to stop here. On Monday I will talk about the accounts and what you can do. That is a time bomb and if it is not carefully managed can explode in our faces. I will try to suggest a way out for all but in the meantime I would like to ask for those involved not to inflame things further. People do not make good decisions when they are angry. We know that from chess. So do stop the childish games or you may finally find yourselves wearing prison garments. You are just one small step away from achieving that. It may even be too late to turn events around now but I am an optimist. But this is just my personal opinion and so you can choose to ignore it.

But the powers of the Associations collectively at the AGM to make decisions is not an opinion. It's a fact.

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