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How do we build a strong MCF- Part 6- The accounts.

Part 5. Here.

Everything else we have been discussing to this point has essentially been the internal affairs of chess. The rule and play book has been given by COS. So whether or not you put up your hands when the rules have been broken will be up to you and the rest of the chess community. The ultimate authority has been given to the State Affiliates at the AGM. All other authority flows from there. The committee is there to serve on behalf of the State Affiliates and only has the amount of authority as the affiliates allow them. The COS only comes in when the rules have been broken.

So if the States do not use the authority given to them, who is to be blamed? 

And therein lies the problem. After so many years of existence, there is no clear understanding of roles. I believe this is the model that works. MCF is a regulatory body first and foremost. The role of specialised training is best left to the private academies, trainers and coaches. MCF is there to make sure that there is a level playing field and that all parties obey the rules. The role of high level tournaments is best left to private organisers. MCF is there to ensure that those tournaments benefits our Nation and is in alignment with our strategic vision (and MCF can collect a premium from those organisers depending on the role it plays in those tournaments).

Then we will have specialisation. Then we can compete. But right now MCF uses it's authority to sabotage non crony Academies, trainers and coaches. MCF uses its authority to sabotage private organisers that are outside it's small crony network. MCF subverts selection. And then MCF uses its authority to punish those who complain simply by encouraging the Sharifah type behaviour among its cronies. In Malaysian chess we call it the Jimmy method and instead of galaxy notebooks they get to play for Malaysia at the Olympiads and be the "trainer" for the women's team etc etc.

So that is MCF now. But what about the rest of us? Did you see the rest of Malaysia standing up to that Sharifah person? So why didn't we stand up for Sumant, Zhuo Ren, Mark etc etc etc when they were so viciously attacked publicly? This is a big question we need to ask ourselves. Why didn't anybody stand up when the selection for the Olympiad was fraudulent?

When we have the answer to these questions and we also find the solutions then our GM will come. And only then. For ultimately won't we have the MCF we deserve?

So now to the accounts. What has been the problem to date over allegations of money missing from MCF? We have tons of circumstantial but no hard evidence right? So if we cannot get hard evidence then how do we involve MACC, the police etc etc?

Are you following what I am saying so far? So what is so different now? What is so special about the AGM? You see, at the AGM the evidence will come to you. We don't need to run around. The evidence will come to us. They have to present the accounts. And the accounts will be presented to their bosses. And bosses can question. So at the AGM the State Affiliates can question about Asian Amateur, about Melaka. In fact about virtually anything. And the committee has to answer truthfully. You can ask for the structure of the deals. Who was authorised to negotiate? Where did that authority come from? Who got paid what? Who were the sponsors? Where was the money banked into? All these things you can ask.

And if you are not convinced, you can put it to the vote. Now this is the whammy. If even one State Affiliate objects and the voting is open, what do you think will happen? So it is very very unlikely that any State Affiliate will vote for a flawed accounts. Why? Because if they do, they may find themselves under investigation by MACC too if anyone reports. The AGM is the highest authority. All that is needed is one honest and fearless State Affiliate. So why worry about what certain people are doing now?

So those are the steps before we even talk about involving MACC etc. First get the evidence from the AGM. It will have to come to you. Just be prepared for that. But I hope it will not come to involving MACC.

That is why I ask those people doing those funny things to play nice. Attacking impulsively thinking that you can intimidate all into silence is not mature chess. You need to stop using the Jimmy method. It has been proven not to work after 30 years of dismal failure. You are only making your bosses more angry. Weigh out the odds and realise that it is best you try to negotiate for a compromise.

Personally I think that offering to pay back the money that you were not authorised to take is a good solution. I have heard this echoed by other State Affiliates.

There still remains the possibility that some dirty tricks can still happen to bury the issues or subvert the plans to improve. I have been hearing new stories about plans within the plans etc. What to do? They are chess players afterall. So I will also cover what those tricks may be and what may be a good compromise if we do want to end up with MCF being deregistered by not handling this with maturity and wisdom. In later series coming soon.

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