Thursday, January 24, 2013

If "Sharifah" was allowed to conduct the AGM and selection.

Let's do a little exercise in imagination today. Lets say that Sharifah was to conduct both the AGM of MCF as well as the selection of our National players to compete in International tournaments. What do you think will be the likely scenario?

Lets talk a little about Sharifah here first. This person is seen by people of all political divides to be a delusional person and have been disavowed by almost all of Malaysian society. But she may still find refuge in Malaysian chess.

So if Sharifah was to conduct the AGM, would she be able to listen to the concerns of Malaysian parents or of the players or the State Affiliates? How would we talk to her? How would she respond if we were to try to present the facts? She can say she "forgives" us for trying to bring up the facts but she won't feel we deserve an apology if she does something wrong.

And who would Sharifah choose to represent the Country? Who would she give her galaxy notebook to? Personally I would have laid my bets on Bawani or someone like her to win us some honours. I see the fighting spirit in her and I see her quiet dignity and self respect. But she won't get the galaxy notebook.

At a time where we have one of our last bastions to keep a tool that can teach the thinking skills to develop our children into world beaters when many have lost confidence in our educational system, we may find that Sharifah has taken over Malaysian chess.

My question is why would we welcome her to our community when everybody else thinks she is a destructive force and not welcomed?

How do the State Affiliates feel on this? How would the State win honours after all the hard work to develop their players? 15 State Affiliates and only a few places. And the good ones would want their Champions to be given a chance to compete but Sharifah will not give them the notebooks. Sharifah will probably say wait for your turn.

Is Sharifah capable of fixing the matches/selection? That is an interesting question no? Does Sharifah know right from wrong?

And in that way our chess will be lost for another 30 years. The Bawani's will be knocked out and those that clapped will be given the notebooks. And then the clappers will be asked to go out and fight. Is that not the story? Is that story now not playing again right before your eyes?

Note: This story has nothing to do with the players. This story is about Sharifah and how she may mold our future generations.

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