Sunday, January 20, 2013

What happens when you love illusions more than reality.

We all have ideals. The ideal woman, the ideal man; the ideal player, IM, GM; the perfect game; the perfect MCF, the perfect President; the perfect Santa Claus and the perfect selection criteria.

But what happens when reality falls short of the ideals? What happens when the woman/man is not perfect because the idea is to teach you how to accept imperfections so you may better yourself? What happens if the idea is to help you improve your communication skills?

What happens if you find that the perfect game is not perfect and the idea is that you continue to improve your understanding?

What happens if MCF is not perfect, the President is not perfect, even Santa Claus is not perfect? What happens if the selection criteria is not perfect?

Do we now start the hard work of looking for the answers on how to improve? Or do we now learn the art of creating illusions? We can continue to "believe" we are Ferrari's. And then we lash out, distort, lie and deceive to make them believe this illusion on pain of retribution.

But there is another technique isn't there? We can go back into carefully sanitised memories where there can still be the perfect world and then go there to live. We still get to avoid the hard work of learning to improve. And if we will do that well enough we can become totally delusional and not be in this world anymore except perhaps physically.

However reality still exists. The world is still moving on. Our chess is still sliding further and further behind all the rest. And you are still a kup chai.

Actually it is best that we leave you in your self made delusory world. Unfortunately we cannot because you insist on making our children into your image or you attack them. You are angry because you do not want to wake up and so you lash out. But we cannot allow you to keep our children in your never never land where you are still a "Ferrari". We want our children to progress and live in the real world.

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