Monday, January 7, 2013

How do we build a strong MCF- Part 3.

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Without doubt, there is a lot of anger regarding MCF. But like I said earlier we keep hitting out at the wrong target. What we need to do is to focus our energies on where the changes are needed. And that is the purpose of this series. So hold your anger. This is chess. Angry phone calls and hitting out at one another is wasted energy. Blindly charging like a bull into the china shop is wasting energy. Whispering and discussing in the corridors of tournament halls year in, year out is wasting energy. Follow this series. At the end I will suggest where our energies need to be focused on so we can have real change and not waste our energies anymore. Be patient. Let us study the "position" together. Let us think and analyse. Remember, this is chess.

What is the problem? It's because we cannot be heard right? When we complain about sabotage of the Juniors training coming from MCF, they ignore us. When we ask why is it that Jimmy can attack anyone he wants, from the junior program to attacking the players themselves, they ignore us. When we ask how can you select Jimmy without selection over all the other players who are much better than him, they ignore us. When we ask why is it that Peter can ban without grounds they ignore us etc etc etc.

When we ask where has the money in MCF gone to, they issue disciplinary action letter to the Treasurer who even the other committee members of MCF themselves have said is not responsible. Words were actually uttered that it is known who has actually taken the money.

And then they say that the Constitution of MCF is protected by the Official Secrets Act. What? Yes, you heard correctly. Protected by OSA.

The Constitution of MCF is the rule book, the play book governing the relations between all parties within the Chess Community. Saying that the Constitution of MCF is protected by the OSA is like saying that the Fide Regulations is protected by the OSA and the players do not need to know the rules before they play Tournament Chess.

So how did it get this crazy? Why is it that all our legitimate issues are ignored but they acknowledge Jimmy's ridiculous and fraudulent claims? Ref: Here.

In fact when we do try to raise real issues, we are faced with threats and gangster type behaviour. They try to shout us down. They call us dogs, mad man etc etc.etc.

That is really the issue isn't it. But my friend, we cannot jump at everything from the date of NAG or to all the other many many minor issues. Why bother? We already know that they will ignore any real issues. So what we really need to do is to get to the root of the problem, isn't it?

And the root of the problem lies in understanding that MCF is first and foremost a regulatory body governing all chess activities in Malaysia.

And if we understand this deeply, we will see that who we elect into committee positions is important. Don't you think we need people who understands governance? Or do you think we need only half starved, half baked trainers and chess players? Think of the management of football for instance. Only players to run the industry?

Are you starting to see why the abuses continue without end? Why do you think the money is disappearing? I heard that MCF had a meeting yesterday to go over the accounts and I heard that some key committee members did not attend. Why attend to be shouted at and then ignored? Why attend when there is no effort to deal with real issues that can make a difference to Malaysian chess? So this is a big big problem. This can explode in all our faces.

Next. Lets explore what the solutions may be in Part 4.

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