Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jimmy, that's not the complete story and Peter, that's a distortion.

Ref: Here.

If we can learn to ignore the venom, we can find some truths in the above post. This is just another one of Jimmy and friends typical avoidance of the real questions and psychological attacks in order to unsettle you and then slip in yet more poison. All this is of course to prevent you from seeing the actual facts. If you find his site too distasteful then lets just focus here on this statement of Jimmy's.

He says there that the Junior's journey is a 100 meter dash. Now is that the case? Lets examine that. Actually that has been the story for sometime in Malaysia. GM by 15 or you are all washed out. This has been said over and over again to our recently ex Juniors or older Juniors for many years now. And this has been a major factor in knocking out many of them.

But the facts say differently. There are players who make GM later in life. I believe a realistic target for Malaysians is in their late 20's given our local conditions. We simply do not have the expertise to do it any sooner here.

But say, Jimmy honestly believes it must be done by 15yo or they are all washed out and I do not. Does that give him the right to attack all and sundry that believes otherwise? Does that justify him attacking Zhuo Ren, Sumant and Mark? Does that justify him taking the place of Eng Chiam and Syazwan?

I admit he did give Zhuo Ren that place to the Olympiads. I can only assume its to try to compensate for the previous attack on him but isn't the damage already done? And was the place his to give in the first place?

Surely if he thinks he is right he can prove it on the board. If he or Peter can really do this then there is no need for the back door is there? Li Tian will just sweep all the other local players before him. Jimmy and Peter's student will be on all the top boards and we will all be lining up to join his classes because he has the secret formula.

Think about it, there is no need for PR campaigns or suspect pairings or suspect games. All will be done in the glare of the light for that will be the best possible publicity for them.

But I chose a different road. I organised the training for our Juniors by a GM. A top Asian GM that is still actively playing. So Jimmy, why did you attack this program if you are genuinely interested in developing the Juniors? There were a few young kids there, some even younger than Li Tian. So why did you not support this event since it will help them although you may think that the older kids there may be wasting their time? Isn't the complete story that you are afraid that this GM may expose you for a fraud and snake medicine seller?

So I find this story more plausible. Only your chosen one can be exposed to more knowledge. Anything or anyone else who wants to progress must be stopped. Especially if they threaten the place of the current senior players who cannot play anymore and is afraid of competition. So this is really the hype to keep you guys relevant. For you cannot really do it can you? Or you will be brandishing Li Tian at all the selections and hammering all and sundry who comes before him. But even that does not prove that you guys can still play. What a dilemma?

Isn't that the truth of the matter? Otherwise why the need to also ban Mark from KL Open without any grounds if you are not worried that your false methods may be exposed? I have my ways and you have yours and we decide who is right on the table. Healthy competition. Chessischess.

And Peter, in your comment to another post on Jimmy's site, that is such a lame attempt to put it all on Li Tian's shoulders. Of course Li Tian himself is above suspicion. Nobody thinks he fixed anything. So man up and face up to the fact that the suspicion is laid upon you. There is just too much suspicious circumstantial evidence that we need to have an investigation to clear the air.

Of course we are also interested in finding the enabler within MCF that allows you fellas to try to con the entire Malaysian chess public; if a Fide investigation does show game fixing. There have been too many victims for too many many years just because you guys want a free ride.

I just don't believe you guys can get a GM by 15yo. You are 50 plus and yet you haven't figured it out for yourselves and are afraid to compete anymore but you still want to take all of Malaysia down the same path with you. You do not even allow us to train or learn under under a real GM even if you say you think I can have no opinion because I do not "play chess". You need to attack all, my former partner and even the sponsors.

The real question is why are you so afraid of someone you say cannot play chess? Where were your players placed at NJ and why can't Li Tian beat Roshan, Eng Chiam and Syazwan here during NC? On what basis do you say that he is the strongest Junior and so can avoid selection and still play for the Country for non age group events?

Is making Li Tian a Jimmy and Peter clone good for him? That is of course a question only Chin Seng can answer. But his decision cannot be at the cost of every other player in Malaysia who believes in healthy competition.

Lets meet on the board and play chess. There is no need for the back doors is there? After all I only have one player left. And as you say he has stalled. Should be like stealing candy from a boy yes and you even get to keep the entrance fees? So why all this twisting and turning? See you guys at NC. Otherwise you may find that the joke is on you.

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