Sunday, January 27, 2013

Is this the benchmark for our players?

I am glad that Chin Seng has said what he has said here. This clears the air for me. So Chin Seng has clearly admitted to being part of this charade.

Let us remind ourselves that playing in the National Close was the advertised criteria for selection to the Olympiad. And not one of the players from that tournament made it to the Olympiad since Li Tian was the Presidents choice. So much for MCF's criteria even when written.

Now lets look at this point also. I have clearly stated that my suspicion lies with Peter. Read post below. But it is Chin Seng that is diverting the attention back to Li Tian. So now my question to you Chin Seng is this........ I can sort of understand if I really bend my mind, why you have opened the back doors for your son and in order to do so condoned them attacking Zhuo Ren, Sumant and Mark. In that case all I can say is that you are just a very selfish person unable to see other parents or players pain in Malaysia coming from your actions. It just seems to say that you think that Li Tian is better and more deserving than anyone else.

But this is the real question. By now diverting the attention back to Li Tian does it not say that it is actually not even Li Tian that you are concerned about. You can read. I said suspicion on Peter. And you say Li Tian. Now doesn't it look like you don't even care about your own son? Doesn't it look that it is just about your own ego and you do not care who you hurt AT ALL. So what kind of man are you Chin Seng?

MCF has put up Jimmy as our model player. And now they seem to have also put up Li Tian as the model for all Malaysian youths to follow. I have shown the game from Brunei in my past post and I have shown the game from the Zonals. Jimmy then comes along and gives us his evaluation as though if our model senior player says so, all of Malaysia will go blind and cannot see the actual quality of the games.

You see, the purpose of models is for all our players to emulate. To benchmark against. So we need to be proud of them. We need to see that they at least put up a good fight. Win or lose. If they fight we can be proud of them. Then Malaysians will feel the pride of being mental warriors through them for we are all part of the Malaysian chess community. We gave it our all and we stood tall. We may lose today but we will come back again and again till we win in fair and healthy competition.

So of course we are all interested when Jimmy plays or not play. So of course we are interested to see Li Tian's games. We all want to learn from our strongest Junior. MCF and you have put them up as our models. We all want to see our Ferrari race and run rings around the opponents. Isn't that what you wanted too when you allowed all those things to be said about Li Tian or CHIN SENG's SON when all that PR circus was running? Sad to say we did not see a Ferrari. When he ran we saw a kup chai and we are also not convinced with the games that we do see of CHIN SENG's SON either. Why don't you just show us his games from NC2012 along with the advertising blurb too?

Sad to say, Jimmy does not make the cut but I have always thought that Li Tian may have a chance if he can get out from under the game those failures are playing. But with you now revealing yourself as who you really are I can now see that he really has no chance at all. I really have no words to describe someone like you. But it is far worse than Jimmy or Peter. They wouldn't give a toss about burning Li Tian. After all who is he to them? So what are you really? Is there anything worse than a father who subjects his own son to this charade? For what? How long do you think you can fool all of Malaysia? Can he avoid local competition or only play in select competition in today's world like Jimmy did in the past? You must be crazy to think you can get away with this in today's internet world.

So Chin Seng, do try to think. Aren't you the one that is responsible for all the anger directed towards your son now? Are you totally oblivious to what so many people are saying about the way he is selected?

All I wanted to say is that fair selection from now will defuse the anger over the fraudulent Olympiad selection. (Are you now trying for a repeat performance for SEA games this year? Are you now trying to rob another fellow Malaysian chess player of yet another place?) You see, suspect games in foreign tournaments do not cut it for us. You want to play for Malaysia, then you compete with Malaysians. We do not want to hear about what you did in foreign lands behind closed doors. Show us here what CHIN SENG's son is about or do you feel that all of us Malaysians are beneath even your contempt.

Can you not even see that suspect games embarrasses all Malaysians? Especially when even the Fide Secretary has suspicion. Especially when it concerns our model player, Malaysia's strongest Junior, as acclaimed by you and your couple of friends but not from any results from any tournament that can give that acclaim. Or are you really that far gone? Can you not even see you are setting up your own son up to be shot down? Why so stupid? Do it fairly and no one will say a word.

How can he be the strongest when he got hammered by 2 Juniors, Roshan and Eng Chiam in NC2012? Which National Junior Championship did Li Tian win?  Do you really think all of us are as stupid as Peter and Jimmy and all you have to do is to arrange to hide the NC2012 Buletin?

All I wanted to say is if Li Tian is that strong he will naturally win his place. PR or no PR campaign.

All I wanted to say is even if the intention is to promote Li Tian, nobody has a problem with that but we have big big problems when you attack our children in order to do so. There you have crossed the big fat line. And you will see that ALL decent parents will defend their children when they are unfairly attacked. But you have no clue what I am talking about do you?

Note: The incident referred to by Chin Seng and his 2 friends occurred during NJ2010 when Mark attempted to put in a false result to the arbiter during the play off. I was outside at the time and the floor arbiter was Marcus Yeoh. When I walked in I saw Mark with Marcus talking and asked what had happened. Marcus told me and I said he did the right thing to point out to Mark that it was wrong to falsify the results. And I thanked him for that. In all my years in tournaments with Mark I have never known him to try anything like that, before or since. But I still said that it took courage for him to admit to his mistake. This was accepted by all the officials there including Ustaz Rahman and Greg. Isn't that what parents and officials are supposed to do? To correct our young ones so that they learn that dishonesty is not correct? That by giving in a false result they are depriving someone else of their right placing?

In that same tournament we saw that Li Tian did not do well because he drew too many rounds and was low down in the placings. And I saw that Chin Seng was very upset with Li Tians results and his anger extended even to me on that day. But I always thought he would get over it as this is just how tournaments go and once Li Tian has corrected the flaws in his game he would progress again. But Chin Seng's decision was not to play another Junior again since 2010. Li Tian was then soundly beaten in NC2012 by 3 other players. So how does Chin Seng compare that one small incident and allowed it to be twisted into stories of me that had done the "fixing"?

How does that compare to him now openly and publicly trying to cheat the entire chess community? How does a father openly encourage cheating and dishonesty and then use that one incident to publicly attack Mark over and over again since then to justify cheating on the scale that is now openly perpetuated. How twisted must you be to do this?

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