Thursday, January 10, 2013

How do we build a strong MCF- Part 4- The solution.

The Constitution. Here.

Part 3- Here.

Have you ever wondered why they don't want you to know the Constitution of MCF? Why they bluff and say it is protected by OSA? Why they tell you not to read this blog because it is all my personal opinion? Is the Constitution of MCF my opinion? Why the psycho attacks like rabid dogs and then say that they "love" chess?

What they really want to do is to deny you knowing what the rules are. A chess analogy is that they have the Fide Regulations and you don't and then during the game they keep bullshitting you that you have lost the game and then they cheat their way to victory because you do not know the rules. This is very apparent and I am sure you know that. So I only say this because I want them to know that we know who and what they really are.

In part 3, I said this.

And the root of the problem lies in understanding that MCF is first and foremost a regulatory body governing all chess activities in Malaysia.

From here we can see that we need a good team on the committee of MCF. A team that also has the knowledge of good governance. So the State Affiliates will need to vote wisely if we don't want the same rubbish for the next 30 years. If we have a good team, we will reverse our back slide into oblivion. So a lot of thought has to be put into this.

The other thing we can infer from this is that we need a President that respects the rules. A President that will direct action against the rule breakers and not the innocent and not against the real investors in chess. I think it is now very obvious that it is the parents who make the heavy investments day in, day out. All the rest in the chess industry is paid by us. The other sponsors only come in sporadically.

It is the real chess players that make the heavy investments, day in, day out by learning how to improve in the game and not the back door boys. It is the State Associations that support MCF with State level activities, year in, year out. It is the private academies, good trainers and organisers that support MCF with higher value content and events, year in, year out.

And so ALL who contribute must be respected. MCF's true function is to protect the rights of all members of the chess community. Right now certain cronies can attack anyone and everyone they want to with the support of certain people within MCF. Those cronies are given more and more rewards the more rabid their attacks become. This has to stop. And we need a President that can direct this on a day to day basis.

Why do I say day to day only?

Go and look at the Constitution of MCF again. Who does it say is the highest decision body in chess? Yes, that is right. The AGM. This means that collectively all the State Associations can overrule the entire committee of MCF. Anyone, including the President. So once a year we have the true bosses of chess come together. And they have huge powers if they understand the rules.

We will talk more about this later. For now, let us understand the structure better. MCF controls all of chess in Malaysia. And MCF in turn is controlled by papa. And papa is COS. So if you don't get satisfaction on the rules, go to papa. Papa does not know the technicalities of chess like Swiss Manager etc. But papa knows when the rules have been infringed. And this is papa's number. Here. And what papa says is that anybody can write to him. Yes, anybody in the chess community. You don't need a post. You can write in if you are a parent, you can write in if you are a player. And you can write in even if you are just one State Association.

And then we have MACC. They are there to act when we have corruption in an NGO that involves money.

So all this is there. So when do we use which? This is what I suggest the steps are for the State Affiliates at least. Collectively you are the bosses of Malaysian chess. You are stronger than the committee. You can direct the committee to do what you want. You can censure and you can reject what they propose. You can sack and you can elect a new committee. And you have this power once a year at the AGM.

Next in Part 5. What the bosses can do and why the real bosses don't have to worry about all the sabotage, creative accounting and funny disciplinary actions coming from a few individuals in the MCF committee currently. They are just wasting their time. So just let them do that. Know the rules and know what you can do. And we will have change. And the GM will come.

So my friend, ref: here, we can stop hitting out at each other in our frustration. Lets stop wasting our energy and do what can really effect change. Then when we meet, we do not have to whisper in corners of Tournament halls anymore, worried that the gangsters will attack our children if they see us talking. Why should we cower to the gangsters? They are the ones doing the wrong. They are the ones who should be whispering in the dark corners where they belong. That is the open environment where our children will prosper and thrive. Them cowering and not us. And if the gangsters really do cross the line, put them in prison as we shall see later in this series, can happen very soon.

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