Friday, January 25, 2013

What happens when we remove reasoning from chess?

We want to build bridges. Ref: Here.

It is not much fun to see the parents huddled in corners feeling helpless to change anything that they see as wrong. It is not much fun to hear the players complaining of unfair practices on the side but unable to bring the issues up to organisers/arbiters for fear of being victimised.

But for issues to be resolved we need to be able to reason with them and then see action taken to address the problems. It's either that or we may see the frustrations and anger continuing to build.

So what is happening with the Li Tian PR campaign? After the games in Brunei and Melaka, I asked a few people who are strong chess players to evaluate the games. And one of them is the Secretary of Fide. He came back to me to say that the games are suspect.

We all know Li Tian to be a strong Malaysian chess player but the big question is if he is as strong as they claim? So what is happening? What are they doing to him?

I wonder if you have noticed as I have, that a number of our senior players have high Fide ratings but don't dare to play anymore. I first noticed that in Perak and then later on the National level. If you look carefully you will see that they will either play at Veterans or Team events where they can shift the blame or they will register in the Open events and then pull out giving various "reasons". Now we need to understand why this is so in order to stop this happening in the future. I think the reason is that they are not strong anymore because they have moved down the wrong path. They play to fatten their Fide ratings only since selection is based on "ratings" and so they only choose tournaments where they can do that.

And even those are getting fewer and fewer.

Why do you think they did not release the Malaysian Close 2012 buletin after Li Tian lost 3 games and was still Presidents choice for the Olympiads? How did Jimmy manage to go despite being one of the weaker seniors we have, even in rating terms? Shifting goal posts no?

So will Li Tian follow the path of those failed seniors? Are they really interested in developing him or will he become another casualty of the game of egos they are really playing. Will Li Tian eventually become another Jimmy or Peter? So the players who do dare to fight and win in clean and open selection are attacked. And even those that they "support" may not end up well.

Isn't it just the weak protecting the weak? And if you are not weak, you will eventually be if you embrace their culture. For in actuality there isn't even a real criteria. It all gets manipulated just so these same people represent the Country whether that can play chess or Not.

Can we realistically expect Fide to take action? Well Ignatius is aware of what is happening and he himself said the games were suspect. But this is a Malaysian problem no? In a better world maybe Fide would look into this but for now we have to take care of ourselves.

The power to make changes are with the State Affiliates. And that power is expressed in the form of resolutions. So I hope a lot of thought is now being put into them. I think it should be very apparent now that we will be unable to reach the "Sharifahs" with reason. We need to either vote them out and/or curb their arbitrary powers to destroy Malaysian chess and our strong players.

Stop the nonsense and have ALL our players compete in healthy competition for selection and I guarantee you our GM will come soon. We have amazing talents if we do not allow them to be destroyed the way they have been for years. Reason this out. Is that not so?


  1. 'The power to make changes are with the State Affiliates.' when the selection is done.... let it be... anyone to blame ? yes, blame the state affiliates. (full stop)

  2. 'Stop the nonsense and...' noted .... but it is still one individual opinion..... when state affiliate makes critiscims.....then it carries more weigh.... when the affiliate does not make noises.... ' well... everything looks well...'

  3. ' We need to either vote them out and/or ... ' We ... stands for state affiliates. (full stop)