Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday musings.

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I have always wondered why certain people cannot seem to understand that it is all about improving MCF or improving Malaysian chess standards. So lets examine this concept a little on this lazy Sunday. Lets say we support a good idea when we hear it, no matter where it comes from and then try to implement it, won't the end result be improvement?

But on the other hand we support a good idea only when it comes from our camp and we do not dare to criticize a bad idea because it comes from our camp, then aren't we doing this? Aren't we putting one leg on the accelerator and the other on the brakes? And doesn't it become a lot worse when our camp generates close to none or only a very very few good ideas? Then we just have the brakes since the ideas are coming from the other side.

Is that what is happening to Malaysian chess today? Is that why we keep spinning on the same spot? And if the rest are moving forward then aren't we going backwards relatively?

I really want to talk more about how the other Countries are producing GM's. Over the years a few foreigners have shared with me and I think some of those ideas can be implemented here.

But what is our reality today? You see, there is no point talking about these things until we can figure out why some of our own people are sabotaging our own Juniors, our own players and find a way to stop them from doing this again. There is no point talking about ideas to improve when the money keeps disappearing.

We need to take our legs off the brakes.

So until we learn to accept good ideas or good work no matter where it comes from, then there is no way forward. Until they can allow people apart from their cronies to contribute and not try to intimidate or sabotage others just because they have no ideas of their own we cannot move forward.

So first things first. Bring back selection, stop the abuses. That is the need of the day. Don't reward the rule breakers. Censure them. I think you can now see clearly it is not about FGM.

An innocent Treasurer is attacked. Parents in the MCF committee are attacked. Whole State Associations are attacked. Anyone who wants to suggest improvement is attacked.

Is that not the case? Is it not the case that it is a very small handful of people that have kept the entire community of chess players in Malaysia from progressing for all these years?

Isn't that why they try to heap on themselves all those false praises like calling themselves Ferrari's etc etc and attack you so venomously when you try to raise any real issues or win a selection to the senior squad when you have been warned to wait your turn?

But even then, can we not give a genuine praise when a good calender comes out. It's just a calender. We praise that although we know that a calender is just a calender with pretty pages so long as the sabotage continues.

But still it is a good calender. So let us be grateful for that at least and work harder to make sure that something tangible comes out of that calender. If we criticize even that then won't we become just like them? Where black becomes white and vice versa.

Then it becomes about hate and not improvement anymore.

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