Thursday, January 17, 2013

Susan Polgar on cheating.


Yes, we have tons of circumstantial evidence and I suppose there will be tons of statistical evidence too from our 30 years of floundering in the dark if anyone bothers to do the stats. So here is another circumstantial evidence. Here. Why is an International chess personality so interested in the Philippines to follow in such detail their progress and not us? Didn't we once teach China? Some of us are so scared to see the evidence that they bury their heads in the sand and invent fairy tales about our Juniors instead of looking at their own roles in our backward slide.

Why are we using our National resources to develop others instead of our own players etc etc etc?

But the hard evidence is coming now isn't it. Ref: Here. So readers, what do you think will happen to the evidence at the AGM? Do we have a leader that will use it to say enough is enough and let us pull ourselves out of this rut?

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