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The biggest con ever on the Malaysian chess community?

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When we were new in chess the flavour of the month was Eng Chiam. "The next GM". Before that we heard it was Izz. And now it's Li Tian. Have you ever wondered if there is something strange about this?

Lets try to reason this out. Well we know this. After a while the PR machinery stops and the player is dumped and never promoted again. Agree? Actually there is no record of success at all.

We also know that until I started to question the logic with evidence, certain people kept saying that our kids are weak and that unless you are a GM by a certain age, you are all washed out.

Note: Jimmy tried to reverse that sometime in the last few weeks but I think it's a little late for that denial. Especially not after arguing in concert with his cronies for the last 2 years.

I think it is also very safe to assume that these people don't give a toss about our players at all. I offer in evidence the behavior of Jimmy when he put up that post by Zhuo Ren. I believe any responsible adult would have cautioned Zhuo Ren to try and resolve the issue privately without going public with his "concerns".

I also give in evidence the fact that Sumant was dumped by the Malaysian Team at Malaysia Open and his place taken by Mok who had lost in selection. I believe there was a message there. You may win at selection but we will give you a hard time. You are rejected for your audacity of winning your place before we retire from old age.

I do not think it is a stretch to say we are dealing with very mean spirited people. And there are still so many other examples if that is not enough.

And then we see this. Here.

I scratched my head to wonder what could be his objective? This is the guy who tries to ban other strong players. The same guy who actually had the chance to train many of our top juniors but they ran away from him after a short spell. I was witness to his methods when Mark shared a room with Roshan at Asian Youth.

So this is what I think. It is an established fact that nobody in Malaysia currently, has the knowledge to bring up a GM. Any real attempt is sabotaged.

Consider this. If Zhuo Ren, Sumant and Mark had been allowed to continue working together with my methods what could have been the final result?

So this must be attacked and then the attention switched to a new young junior. But consider this also. What happens now? Doesn't this give them a few more years of extra life before they try to "promote" another potential "GM"?

There have been 2 lost generations. Maybe more. Think on this. It has taken years for Edward Lee, Kaushal, Zhuo Ren, Sumant, Izz, Mark, Nabil etc etc to reach their level of proficiency. And a lot of time and money have been invested in them.

It had taken years for Nicholas Chan, Marcus Chan, Ronnie Lim, Loo Swee Leong, Fadzil Nayan, Nik Farouki etc etc to reach their current level of proficiency.

And until we got the hard fought written selection, none of them had the chance to represent the Country in a good clean fight (except for Nicholas Chan and Ronnie Lim who did represent Malaysia at one point). Maybe another story.

We still have the duds at the last Olympiad. With maybe only Yee Weng in the senior squad still showing sparks of fighting chess in the last SEA games.

Consider this. If we had written selection criteria earlier, do you think Jimmy, Peter and Mok will still be playing for Malaysia? Would Greg have played in the last Olympiad?

My believe is that with a little more tweaking almost all of the above "lost generation players" have a good chance of knocking out the current senior squad. They may not have the big numbers because of a lack in opportunity to buffer their rating but they can play chess.

The fact is Jimmy and his cronies cannot bring up any one strong. They only know how to beat you down psychologically. Then they try to divert the resources of the entire Country to a new protege so you do not realise that that is really the limit of their knowledge. Around 13/14 yo.

And they continue having their free trips to sell books and make business deals because of their "ratings", while our attention is diverted.

Btw, this information was shared by Greg directly after the Olympiad. It seems there is no honour among these people.

We do not have the knowledge or the resources to bring up a protege.

Our best bet for a GM in actuality, are those in their late teens and early to mid twenties. That is the current Malaysian reality.

Don't you think that is the biggest con ever perpetuated on the Malaysian chess community?

So isn't the best way to prove who is right is by selection and clean competition? And don't we need an end to banning of strong players without justifiable grounds and based on the rules of chess?

So let Li Tian win the National Junior and then claim to be the strongest junior. There will be no dispute. But he was a no show last NJ. And then let him win his place in the senior squad in a proper selection. There will also not be any dispute. Again a no show for SEA games selection.

If he is as strong as they claim then there should be no problem for him to win convincingly.

Consider this yourself. Does my reasoning carry water? Who has the twisted logic?
Ref: Here.

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