Monday, February 10, 2014

What happens when a community of thinkers is terrorised?

Lets treat this question as a hypothetical. This situation cannot happen in Malaysian chess. After all we have MCF to protect the well being of all the chess players in Malaysia. So let's treat this question as something that may affect some distant land far far away that is without a GM.


Anyway. First of all, do you think that chess is meant to build a community of thinkers? Is that why you joined chess? Is that why you brought your child into chess? If the answer is yes then proceed to the next paragraph. If the answer is no, then have a nice day.

The answer is yes.

Let us look at what we have in Malaysian chess so we can imagine the nightmare situation in that far away land without a GM. Here in Malaysian chess we have a vibrant chess community full of ideas. We debate and we explore cutting edge ideas. We find and offer solutions. When our chess people speak ordinary people are blown away because we know the concept of the power move. The move that is so full of deep thinking and analysis. And we have transferred that to our speech.

And we have all that because we have MCF that has nurtured and protected the well being of all our chess players. So for that we must be grateful. Why? Lets now look at this far away land without a GM. Lets now look at the question in the title of this post.

What happens when a community of thinkers is terrorised?

I am sure it must be difficult for us to imagine such a nightmare scenario. We have been so lucky to have MCF. But let us try just as a thinking exercise. I believe this "community of thinkers" would simply stop thinking, don't you think? Hard to imagine I know but if the gangsters win then who will dare to think and explore new ideas? I think what we will find is that the people there will start whispering in corners and be very furtive. When they speak we won't find any deep thinking or reasoning but fear.

Somebody said that fear makes us stupid but we wouldn't know because we are in Malaysian chess. Lucky for us we have MCF. So we must be grateful for that blessing. Just look around us if you are still not convinced. We have such brilliant thinkers all around us in Malaysian chess. We can even solve problems before they become problems. We are so lucky to be in their presence.

And our latest selection criteria is going to raise even more brilliant minds.

What a shame for that distant land. Maybe we can invite them here so they can learn from us. Maybe we can go there and teach them. What do you think?

Just a thinking exercise for the morning.

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