Friday, February 21, 2014

Off to Penang for USM Open.

We will be going to Penang shortly for the USM Open tomorrow so we can spend some time lepaking and yum yumming before competing.

Anyway to fill you in on the happenings of the last few days. A member of the Council of MCF contacted me to ask if I know what was happening with the Haslinda post. Ref: Here and here. I told him that it was just their SOP (Standard Operating System). Maybe I didn't explain it so well then. So hopefully this will explain better.

Do you remember the time when Jimmy started knocking all our Juniors on his blog and said that Li Tian was the only player that was any good? And then Peter joined in the fray? Do you remember what I did? I predicted that something was going to happen in the Brunei Open. And sure enough Li Tian beat a super GM there. Then I sent the game for analysis to a few chess trainers/players and officials. And the verdict returned was that the game was suspect It's all in history of this blog. Go back and read.

What did I do? Ref: Here. I know their modus operandi. They haven't changed in years. The same old formula for 30 plus years. So they used the "reputation" of Jimmy and Peter to prepare the ground for Li Tian to be put into the Olympiad even after failing to qualify in selection. Can you see that now? Ref: Here.

I said that it was the prelude to Li Tian winning big in Brunei even BEFORE the event. As I am now saying that Haslinda is preparing the ground for a "surprise" new Secretary.

Simply put, it is called misdirection.

I now hear that there are other officials leaving chess. They cite stress. Yes, that is also how they work. Understand this first. Hard work does not lead to stress so long as you are moving closer to the goal. So long as there are results and milestones achieved.

So these people will never allow that. Stress happens when you put in a tremendous amount of work and get nothing achieved. Those people will frustrate any agenda to improve and for them to remain in power to cari makan by facilitating for the back doors. What they are doing is to frustrate all the new people who come in hoping to improve Malaysian chess. Then they leave because they get stressed out. Or they will finally be sacked without grounds. Again standard SOP for 30 plus years.

Or join them.

That is how they work. Go back to the history. It has been done over and over again. New people are brought in for only one purpose. To bring in more money for them to spend. Not to change things or to put in a good system.

The only new thing this time round is that there is this blog writing and trying to give out the information so that hopefully this time the outcome will be different. This time around some people who are really for improvement will get to stay.

That is my hope anyway. Talk again after Penang. I would perhaps like to write about how a real team works, from my personal experience. There is more going on the other blogs but I won't comment on those. You should be able to figure it out for yourself with the information I am giving you.

Join the dots. It is not so difficult. But you must have an accurate interpretation of our history before it makes sense.

All my best.

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