Thursday, February 13, 2014

Right and wrong can only be determined if you have established the goal.

Generally it is fine to say, you are right in your own way and I am right in mine. However I believe there is an exception.

That exception comes when we have agreed on a goal. Then the question becomes, are we heading towards the goal or away from the goal? Lets look at a few examples.

Ref: Here. Our selection criteria. Overall it does seem a little better than our previous ones. I can poke holes in the details but lets look at this conceptually for today. Lets ask the question, what is the goal of the selection criteria? You see, the answer will be different if the goal is to get our very best players to the forefront. It will be different if the aim is to get our own GM eventually. AND of course it will be different if we are trying to find "legal" ways to protect the back doors.
Note: Once this is passed then of course we cannot argue anymore because the back doors are all penned in and thus legal.

So that selection criteria is probably right if the goal is to protect the back doors and probably wrong if the goal is to get the very best players we have in Malaysia today to the forefront. And if the goal is to eventually get our own GM, then again it is the wrong criteria.

Lets use a broader example now. Lets say a company has determined that it wants to achieve a growth rate of 10% this financial year. Then there are right decisions and wrong decisions. Are we going to achieve the target or not?

And even broader. What about on the level of the Country? What if we say we want to achieve developed Country status by 2020? Then do you think there is a right and wrong way to go about it?

Keep your eye on the goal. That will tell you where your decisions are taking you.

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