Sunday, February 23, 2014

Is Peter Long going to be Secretary of MCF?

Look at the latest poll. Ref: Here.

Now read again what I said here.

Does it now not look like this post is also part of an orchestrated attempt? Here. Key officials are publicly made fun of. Doesn't this look like the same way they attacked FGM when they wanted to promote Li Tian to represent the Country via the back doors. Same play book yes? Fixed polls and everything.

That is the way of gangsters. That is the way they operate. I am now wondering if those officials will now stand up for what is right or will they go silently into the night. And with that capitulation there will also go the future of Malaysian chess. If Peter is to take over then I am fairly confident that only his players will represent Malaysia in the future.

If we are going to stop this from happening, the time is now. Not after the fact.

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