Thursday, February 13, 2014

Don't guess, profile!

For me, the most powerful tool you can derive from chess that has almost universal application in real life is competitor analysis. With a little tweaking you can apply this to business etc etc.

And the basis of competitor analysis is profiling. Profiling is not an exact science but the more accurate your profile the more predictive your competitor analysis becomes. Getting this right gives you the edge.

Have you ever seen criminal minds or similar on TV?

Right now I am trying to apply all that I know on competitor analysis to see if I can predict roughly what is going within MCF with the new positions shuffling etc. I have a little information but not enough to draw any concrete conclusions.

I could be way off base of course but so far that tool has served me well.

In chess accurate profiles allow you to "see into the mind of your opponent". So yes, chess is more than merely the technical. Much much more.

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