Friday, February 21, 2014

Peter, have you considered it could be you?

Ref: Here.

Let's get the facts right Peter. Nobody in Malaysian chess bans players without grounds except for you. So there is no need to drag in anyone else. You do the deed and you face the consequences yourself. Man up.

Although there is a struggle to find the best way forward for Malaysian chess there is absolutely nobody in Malaysian chess that is without at least some redeeming attributes. Funnily enough I even argued that with Dato Santhara about you when we met again in December just before Perak Close. But I think your latest shenanigans may have changed even that opinion of you.

To be honest, I was very surprised when Dato asked me to quote his name. Ref: Here. Why do you think he did that Peter? Have you got a clue? And you still use the royal we in your statements?

Let me try to give you a clue. Dato has told me how much money he is spending sponsoring this KL Open. Can you guess how potential sponsors will respond to what is going on in KLCA now after his public declaration? Do you think anyone will now trust you when you cannot even follow the instructions of your sponsor and President till he had to resort to this?

Wake up Peter. You have been asleep for too long. Right now, you cannot play strong chess, you have been unable to train even one strong player yourself. Think. Do you at least want to continue being an organiser in Malaysia?

Why don't you start with an apology to all the people you have abused in the past and promise to turn a new leaf. That may work better. Malaysians are generally forgiving.

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