Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A fundamental principle.

As I have said before, under normal circumstances you are free to have your own beliefs and your own choices under the rule of law. But this changes if we agree to pursue a goal together. Then there is right and wrong.

This is a fundamental principle.

When your actions impinge upon my right to use the trainer/coach of my own choice then you have impinged upon my rights.

When your actions affect the rights of my children to compete and win fairly in a sport then you have infringed upon my rights.

When your actions encroach into my life and prevent me the right to live peacefully according to the law then I have a say.

This is something gangsters do not understand. They think they can threaten and intimidate all into not daring to think or to speak up. They operate outside the law.

Somebody once said the the power of a terrorist lies in direct proportion to the amount of fear they can cast. That is what some people in MCF are trying to do, are they not? And you empower them more by allowing this to happen without question. You must at least retain the power to speak your mind even if you have no other power or authority.

My 2 cents.

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