Monday, February 24, 2014

Chess makes you smart. Now join the dots.

This is the selection criteria. Here.

Notice that they have now put in all the loopholes for the back doors. They can accept side deals. They have ensured that the vast bulk of the players come from the "active list". That means Fide rating. And they have ways and means to inflate those numbers at will. Nothing to do with chess skills. So now there is no way in based on talent and skill alone. You need to kow tow and play their game. And it can be an expensive game from what I have been told. You will need to use them at whatever price they determine. You cannot use the free market.

So that is that. It is all legal now. The selection criteria has been ratified by Council. They now have control of that. All the rest fight for the 3 places at National Close. And even that is not guaranteed for you to play at the Olympiads. You will have another play off.

So realistically, there is almost no chance to get to the highest scholarship without a deal.

But the Secretary controls the letters. You can now become a National player without ever winning a tournament. SEA games have shown us that. You can play at the Olympiads even if you never qualify. The last Olympiad has shown us that. But without that letter all these things mean nothing.

So they need the post of Secretary as well.

Do you see the picture now? How has chess made you smart? If there is one thing you have learnt from chess, it's this. You must make your decisions to change outcome before you are mated. And/or before your time run out.

So has chess made you smart? The game is still in play. What decision have you made.

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