Friday, February 21, 2014

Is this the proper way to appoint Council members?

Ref: Here.

I won't discuss Haslinda adding my name to the supposed Secretary of MCF nomination by popular vote except to say that I was not consulted and I have no interest in that post. I am lucky to have reached the stage in my life where I can choose who I would like to work with and who I won't work with.

But there is something really off flavour with the post above. I am informed by one of the parties that he was not consulted before his name was added. In fact I will not be surprised if none of them are consulted as well. All 3 members listed on the post are members of Council holding key positions. And to me they deserve their due respect in lieu of this.

Is it the intent of the post to cause public humiliation? Is that also not what they did to me when they sacked me without grounds? If that is the case, is there a way to remove this type of gutter politics from MCF?

Haslinda, you need to explain to the people who's name you have used. You do not need to explain to Peter.

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