Monday, February 17, 2014

Thank you Peter for this post.


Thank you for the highlight of Yeoh Li Tian so I can reply. Now this is the question I posed in the past. Yeoh Li Tian has never won a National Junior title or got a high placing. Yeoh Li Tian has never won a National Close title. So apart from the age group events, he has never qualified from a selection even though he tried for the National Junior title in 2010. And he tried in National Close last year. But he never qualified.

But he has represented the Country for the Olympiads. He was sent to the Zonals that was not allowed to any other Junior player etc etc. So this is my question to you Peter. Has he taken away the chances for exposure from the other Juniors by benefiting from the back doors when he couldn't win in a straight selection?

Is that the success you are celebrating?

And there are even more serious implications here. This was only recently explained to me. You see for the chess players to qualify for top sponsorship at University, there are levels of scholarship. For National players, they get a certain level of scholarship. If they win a medal and good placing at Sukipt and they represent the Country at Universaide, then their scholarship is increased to the next level. This is what Fadzil Nayan has achieved on merit last year and what Syazwan just achieved.

But the highest level of scholarship goes to those that represent the Country at the Olympiads. 

Shazwan got 3rd place 2 years ago at National Close. It was Roshan first, Eng Chiam second and Syazwan third.

So Syazwan could have gotten the highest scholarship if the selection had been fair. That year not a single player who qualified from National Close were sent to the Olympiads.

I think there is a very strong case to say that Li Tian may have stolen from Syazwan don't you think?

You insult all Malaysians Peter and only allow those you think may benefit you into the KL Open. You are a disgrace to Malaysian chess. I certainly hope that MCF and KLCA will take serious disciplinary action against you.

This to me, is a clear cut case of cheating the chess community. Plain and simple.

Important note: I have never advocated for Li Tian to be punished. But the adults must be held accountable for this abuse. Simply put, I think Li Tian can only become a strong player if he can get selected on merit. Or he will just become a repeat of our past history.

So I certainly hope that Li Tian will play at the National Close and not slip in via the "active list" and show us all the benefit of all that extra exposure he has gotten at the expense of almost every other Junior in Malaysia. That his ill gotten gains has not been in vain.

Thank you again Peter.

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