Friday, February 21, 2014

Is there a way to bring progress back to Malaysian chess?

I think so. But it will not be easy. During the last AGM, I was going around saying that we need to find a way to pay for the services of the people who cari makan from MCF. Otherwise they will just continue to loot the coffers. We need to find a way out for them or there will be no solution.

But the other camp was also full of angry people. "This fella did this to me so I am going to fix him when I get in". Others want to make police reports and put those guys in prison. But I argued, if we do that then there will be nobody left to run Malaysian chess.

My considerations were this. No doubt they did not help Malaysian chess to progress. But at least there is still some semblance of Malaysian chess today because of them.

So the answer to me is an enlightened leadership who takes the trouble to understand the issues and offer solutions. Otherwise those fellas are going to fight to the death. The answer cannot come from anger or personal vendettas. That will only fuel the problem. But it also cannot come from throwing in the towel and giving up or from offering solutions without understanding the issues.

That is one side of the coin.

The other side of the coin is that the players and parents should also not take all these abuses lying down. Understand this. Bullies are not born, they are created. They are created when they find door mats to step on to clean their feet. When you allow yourself to become a willing victim. So KL Open is now open to all players that want to play there. Why are you still asking for police reports etc etc? Go and play. Stop being the victim. The past is the past. Use the solution offered and stop hanging on to your anger. Use this process if you cannot deal with Peter. Here.

There are maybe only a couple of people without any redeeming attributes in all of Malaysian chess. That is all. And they may need to be removed if they cannot change. The rest can function if there is a strong leader to lead the way.

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